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Wauzeka Wisconsin Century Hall


Wauzeka Wisconsin, the little village that you will love to live, learn, work, play and grow in.

History of Wauzeka

Wauzeka Today

Wauzeka is a small town situated on the south side of Crawford County southeast of Prairie du Chein on the banks of the Wisconsin and Kickapoo rivers that all have something unique about them.


Wauzeka History

When the first settlers came to Wauzeka, they were greeted by an abundance of valuable timber. The oaks and maples provided a thick canopy that blocked out most light from above while providing protection against inclement weather below- it is no wonder then why so much land was covered with this type of tree! In 1838 - 39 nearly three-quarters of the town area had been heavily timbered by different varieties like elm, and hickory, but by1880's most of the forests had been consumed either through logging or fire damage. Most of the surrounding timber is second-growth trees.

On the Banks of the Kickapoo

The Kickapoo River travels 125 miles twisting and turning through central Wisconsin, beginning in Wilton and ending here in Wauzeka emptying into the Wisconsin River.

Lowell Gietz Memorial Boat Ramp

There are an estimated 30 named tributaries to this waterway - which means you can find yourself exploring new places all over!


The Kickapoo River Valley is one of the most ancient river systems in the US. and is unimpeded because of the glaciers that missed this area during the ice age. The Kickapoo River valley is an agricultural region rich in history. You can see the silos and barns that typify this area, as well as watch cows, graze on pastures near our village.

With the newly renovated boat ramp boaters, anglers canoers and kayakers can explore both the lower Kickapoo and Wisconsin Rivers.  

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